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Dr Laurent Jouve


PhD in Plant Biology, University of Geneva, Switzerland.
Research director at L&J BioTech


Ph.D. in Plant Physiology and Biochemistry at University of Geneva, M.Sc. degree in Plant Biotechnology at University of Montpelier with 2 years training in Plant Genetical Resources Laboratory at IRD Research Center Montpellier, with a postdoctoral position in Plant Cell Technology at Agriculture and Forestry Department, Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology, with more than 25 years of experience on in vitro plant tissue culture. Author of about 50 papers, international collaboration with the highest institutes and also with private industrial partnership, this with a limited team of highly motivated researchers and technicians, we demonstrate on a daily basis the importance of good science, plant production and conviviality in order to succeed in establishing applied research and production of safe plants. As research and development director, my mission is to keep the team an enjoyable and competitive place to do research and production of plants. My conviction is that success in plant is a goal that is reached with enthusiasm, precision, quality and leadership.



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